Meta 1: A Solid Tank (Temporary Self-Submission)

This is a place holder axie since this site is focused on community nominated top axies. Nonetheless for new player purposes I nominated this one as it is my top go to tank axie. Take note HP stat on this one is 59 which is very high and allows it to take multiple strikes even if you didn’t put up a single shield. This is a base fundamental, with the second most important being shields.  Do most of your parts have a high shield option? Minimum would be 50 shield per part unless it is a self-heal or zero cost part then 40 is okay.  This axie has poison which allows poison passively (against any axie which attacks you) and poison an enemy.  The watering can move is a great anti-aqua attack as it will generate gobs of energy for each strike from an opponents aqua class parts.  Tiny turtle can apply a stun to your opponents axie tank, which leaves that axie open to an unguarded attack or defensively blocks their next attack move depending on the timing of the stun.

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