Meta 1: Power Monger. Strategy: Energy Support Axie and Battle Closer

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I ran across this Axie in an arena battle and it left my jaw on the floor.  Feast your eyes on this Power monger and devastating finisher.  This Axie shines in its ability to steal and stock energy. After it has acted in a support role, even nipping away aquatic tank HP with kotaro, it can close out a match with its self healing capabilities.  The real magic comes in with snail shell and its offensive use of “stun” penetrating through enemies shields to drop HP efficiently. We matched up 2v1 and I was stuck banging my head on the wall that is this UNIT of an axie.  Currently owned by CatCreators, not a top 10 Arena battler but obviously this owner has a keen sense of what makes battle axies tick. I also hope to bring in some words from her/his Creator.

Enjoy this video of the abuse inflicted on me:

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Let me include the conversation from the Discord with some tactical tidbits from Enforcerj and Davicio around this wicked little axie.

i don’t think this is balanced, I guess tactically I should have stopped all play and stored up energy, except night steal would have taken it. Snail shell is too powerful because it also disables my shield.?

maybe you just got rekt! lol

But that’s a great axie

thats what makes PvP awesome

if you saved 2 rounds and had 4 energy going into the 1 v 1
you win

Still it might be 3 rounds

If you saved energy you probably win that battle 70 percent of time
You can actually still win not saving also

But double steal energy axie are nice

3 thoughts on “Meta 1: Power Monger. Strategy: Energy Support Axie and Battle Closer

  1. Dave Lister says:

    Hey, thank you for your praise and for disclosing our trump card just before the tourney 🙂 But don’t worry, it’s OK, we still feel flattered. After all, it’s just a game, a gorgeous, an awesome, a most heartily recommended and sincerely loved game.
    Even more, we’ll go further and discover some more weaknesses of our champ. First, and most irritating one is that his ‘invincibility’ often makes battle extremely boring. I (Dave) just can’t bear it exchanging blows for hours with no visible progress at all, so I just quit. Patience pays off!
    Second, it’s energy stealing ability cease working in the end of the game since the opponent almost always uses all his/her energy against us. So there’s nothing to steal. Luckily, this blue guy is sturdy enough to take few blows, and if you watch the replay carefully you’ll see that he stood idle for one round gathering energy or we wouldn’t win.
    Third, kotaro gains energy only when used on faster enemy, so if you put a slow fat plant in the back you can easily win. It hasn’t have to be tank though, self-healing medium range dps would be the best.

    Anyway, good luck with your blog! We really like your idea to share live experience with other players, Dave even wanted to do it himself but he never has enough time for anything :-). Hope you will succeed!

    Best wishes, Yanka and Dave (CatCreators).

    1. Axiearena says:

      Hey! Nice thanks for responding here! No one is reading this thing yet. So I think your battle plan is still safe for tomorrow! Hopefully though, the community gets to know and appreciate your little axie! I have great respect for it and of course I can find no exact match. I checked.

  2. Axiearena says:

    Below find CatCreators closing remarks on the genesis of their incredible Power Monger axie,

    “Here’s the story: We have 4 accounts, three under our name (CatCreators something) and one we were so much ashamed of, that we didn’t give it our name, though sometimes called it ‘CatCreators Breedeng Experiments (CCBE)’, just between us. This account was dumped on us by our friend, who first was very excited but soon discovered that he doesn’t have enough time for AxieInfinity (his loss, obviously). During that short period that our friend did manage his account he collected and bred all kinds of most useless axies. Literally. At least, they were totally useless BEFORE THE APP.
    We tried to manage this account, we really did. So we decided to transfer there a not completely disastrous breed fail axie #63269 in hope to breed at least one decent tank.
    Should I say that the result was a TOTAL FAILURE? (Once again I remind you that it was before the app). We didn’t sell it only because it belonged to that ‘CCBE’ account were all misfits and failures were. We even tried to use it in a team, but without success.
    Then THE APP came, and everything was turned upside down. Our best tanks we were so proud of became pathetically vulnerable while other axies we kept out of sentimental sympathy suddenly became our stars! Yet we didn’t remember this little axie, until in some battle an axie with Snail Shell belonging to our opponent had secured him victory over one of our best teams.Sure, we called all our three accounts and combed them axies looking for a Snail Shell. NOTHING! I vaguely remembered that we had few Snail Shells at CCBE, so I checked it too, and there it was, an axie with a Snail Shell, Rice, Kotaro mouth and Rosebud heal.
    I transferred it to our main account and re-created that opponent team with our own axies. It worked! Oh, yes, it did! At least, before the BLOOD MOON CURSE started and mixed up everything again.
    On the other hand, that curse can be a blessing in disguise, who knows? Maybe, we’ll find more glorious axies because of it now!”

    Thanks CatCreators for this Axie’s history!

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