I have been an Axie enthusiast for many months.  I am intrigued by all aspects of the game but particularly breeding for more than looks.  I have more than enough experience with multiplayer games, starting out in the early 1990’s with a text based MMORPG’s called Gemstone 3, where I got my first taste of internet and community defined value.  I was able to sell my Elanthian wizard character, Mellchion Feelm for nearly $1000 and despite the thousands of hours I put into it, I felt good about the return on my time investment.  Vowing never again to be a sucker to time drain with no resulting monetary value, (except ::cough:: Hearthstone) I found Axie Infinity.  In Axie, I have found that the concept of grinding has been expanded and codified on both the Ethereum and Loom blockchains.  I relish the entertainment of it all.