Bsm Franchise Agreement

Bridgestone Motorcycle Service (BSM) is a well-known name in the motorcycle industry. They are one of the largest service providers for motorcycles and specialize in tire and performance upgrades. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or a business owner looking for a profitable franchise opportunity, the BSM franchise agreement might be worth considering.

The BSM franchise agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the franchisor and the franchisee. This agreement provides detailed information about how the franchise will operate and what support you can expect from the franchisor. It is essential to thoroughly understand the agreement before signing it.

Benefits of the BSM Franchise Agreement

The BSM franchise agreement offers a range of benefits, which include:

1. Established Brand: BSM is a well-established brand in the motorcycle industry. They have a good reputation for providing quality services, which makes it easier for franchisees to attract customers.

2. Training and Support: The franchisor provides in-depth training and support to the franchisees. This includes training on the use of equipment and tools, business management, marketing strategies and more, which can help a franchisee to run their business successfully.

3. Marketing Support: The franchisor provides marketing support to the franchisees. They help franchisees to create and implement marketing strategies, which can help them to attract more customers and increase revenue.

4. Reduced Risk: Starting a new business can be risky, but by choosing a franchise, you can reduce the risks associated with starting a new business.

5. Ongoing Support: The franchisor provides ongoing support to the franchisees. This includes assistance with inventory management, customer service, and more.

Key Terms of the BSM Franchise Agreement

The BSM franchise agreement covers several important aspects of the franchise business, including:

1. Franchise Fee: The franchise fee is the upfront payment that the franchisee must make to the franchisor for the right to use the BSM brand. This fee is usually a one-time payment and can range from $25,000 to $50,000.

2. Royalty Fees: The franchisor charges a royalty fee, which is a percentage of the franchisee`s revenue. This fee is typically between 5% to 8%.

3. Territory: The franchise agreement specifies the geographic area in which the franchisee can operate. The franchisor may grant an exclusive territory to the franchisee, which means that no other BSM franchise can operate in that area.

4. Term: The franchise agreement specifies the term of the agreement. The term typically ranges from five to ten years.

5. Renewal: The franchise agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the renewal of the franchise agreement. This includes the franchise fee and the royalty fee, which may increase after renewal.


In conclusion, the BSM franchise agreement is a great opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts and business owners who want to run their own business. However, it is essential to carefully review the franchise agreement and seek legal advice before signing. The franchise agreement provides valuable information about the franchisor`s obligations and the franchisee`s responsibilities. By understanding the agreement, franchisees can maximize the benefits of the franchise and minimize the risks.