Meta 1: Heavy Artillery Hollow Cannon. Strategy: DPS Axie

BlackChocobo, a top ranked Axie Arena reported on an awful beatdown that occurred January 16th 2020.  This little pink cutie with gorgeous turquoise eyes was responsible for heavy artillery fire felt throughout multiple matches.  The magic of this axie is both in early and late game play as a DPS striker from the treetops.  You see, combining Ronin, Eggshell and the freebie Square teeth you get total annihilation for only 2 power.  Let your tank, tank up and blast away the opponents tank, turn one!  Secondly late game, fir trunk or tiny dino, will give you the reinforcements needed to survive some late attacks though not quite a full game “Closer” in my opinion. You can find this axie nominee, BlackChocobo, at the upcoming tournament on Friday January 17th , surely a contender as I have seen him in the top Arena rankings for quite some time.  Hopefully he won’t have to match up against this little birdie. Read below to see some community commentary on what makes this little birdie so strong.  It is managed by Fuzzy Token who is also a top ranked Axie Arena player.  Hopefully we can get some backstory on this axie.

he has a team that is so op I cannot beat it


Someone eliminate him for me


That’s not your best team

actually is there a particular OP axie on that team?

i was looking for the post-eggdrop trigger
but instead I see axie annihilation with eggdrop, ronin, mite combo. plus late game dino tail
is that what he/she is doing?


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