Meta 1: Nightmare on Fear Street. Strategy: DPS Axie

I’m excited to bring you this Axie sourced from one of our most highly visible Arena battlers, top ranked RCTech, who came across it when battling the champ BlackChocobo.  RCTech was definitely a contender in the first Alpha Axie Arena tournament this past friday, but clearly he succumbed to the winner not in small part by this little axie. Perhaps if his luck falls in line with BlackChocobo’s, who happened to win the first tournament AFTER being our first nominator, RCTech will win next. Coincidence I think not!  Clearly we can see what makes this DPS so powerful.  The toothless Bite functionality allows the battler the ability to strike front or back with very strong bird moves Eggshell and Swallow.  The 59 speed stat allows this axie to safely and gently apply Fear mid-late game to provide a nice disruption, much as Freddy Kruger did to many of those teens on Elm street.     

Enjoy this video of the abuse inflicted on RCTech.



Let me include the conversation from the Twitter from the man himself, RCTechnology, about this feared little axie.

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