Meta 2: Backhand Slap to the Mouth Parts. Strategy: DPS Rear Attack Axie

This is our first addition since the Axie Infinity game-altering Heal move nerf occurred on the 9th day of March 2020.  The rampant use of cheap self-healing has been eliminated, and an era of faster play has commenced.  To honor this new development here is the first entry in a brand new but necessary category: Rear Attack.

I’m excited to bring you this Axie, originally sourced by me while playing in the Arena.  Owner Ben Kelly has been a visible fixture in the Axie world for a long time, gobbling up axies left and right.  Ben and the team have an impressive vision for their website, of team sales, individual axie rankings and much more. The team has also made their presence known on the ladder with each Meta.

 Clearly we can see what makes this Rear attacker so powerful.  It is defined by turn one or two 3 card Perch driven rear axie kills. This Backhander also comes laden with plenty of speed, with a stat of 52, to get its’ attacks off in time.  Taking hits, either via aroma or not, is also rewarding, with energy from carrot and a possible boosted Lam strike when the time comes for it to take the frontline.  Get your rear plants out of the trunk to protect yourself from this monster.

Enjoy this video of the abuse inflicted on deftylefty.



Let me include the conversation from the man himself, Ben Kelly, about this fearsome little axie.

hahaha he’s my number one DPS axie
I played against it in arena and I was like holy shit where did this come from

Ben Kelly

he’s such a savage
I have 2 it seems.
this guy was basically bred by a computer too. I put in tons of parameters and it decided to breed these parents

Definitely want that part of the story
But this is breeding for this particular meta?
Or pre heal move changes

right before the SLP came out

So after the alpha came out but before slp


Are u surprised I chose your axie?
3rd: do u have a nickname for it? Is it part of your special collection, special significance or just one of your top axies?

1) Not surprised, if you played against it which i thnk you said you did, then yes, its really noteworthy
2) He’s NOT a brute force attacker, despite his high dmg output. First, Eggshell Carrot is the new RIMP. My team has two tanks and neither have heals, so being able to pull aggro off the front tanks and control the tempo of the game is crucial. Perch is the best Backdoor move on an Axie like this since it gives SPEED as an Aqua move. Perch Eggshell Carrot is just evil. Finally, Lam synergizes with Eggshell Carrot combo, since the Aroma will usually get this guy’s HP down below half before the endgame. 3) Not yet, its Spirit Name has not been revealed to me yet


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