Meet your DPS Rear Attack Axie


In Axie Infinity’s Arena, you need to be able to kill opponent axies, how about killing those axies positioned in the back first? You can do this with a good REAR DPS or Damage per Second axie.  Positioned in the back safely behind your tank, these axies have a high damage score or the number seen on the red sword on the move card.  A good attack number is 100 or more.  A pure rear DPS will have at least 1 move that targets an alternative target (attack fastest, furthest, skip front axie, or prioritize idle target) with the majority of moves with an attack number greater than 100. For beginners, a DPS will be a Bird, Aquatic, Beast, or a Bug. Slow plants and even reptiles will mean your attacks hit last which is usually a disadvantage.  Take note, many competitive DPS axies will not be pure and will have other part moves that increase the strength of the rest of the part moves.   

Lastly, if do nothing, memorize this.  The cycle of power.  The arrow points to the prey.  Who beats who: think water beats fire, fire beats wood etc, or the game rock, paper, scissors.  When attacking you want your part moves to follow the cycle of power, or at minimum: same class versus same class.

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