Meta 9: Self-Healing Turtle Yak Returns Fire and is a Card Shark. Strategy: Tech Tank

The first TANK has arrived and its a real Yak. This tank reflects the changes to the Meta after August 6th 2020.  The Meta of ABSURD gas feeds and the strengthening of Strawberry and Silence Whisper. HP weighing in at a strong 59, this thing is a tank in the truest sense. The move set is different, making this tank a tech tank.  It self-heals, it generates cards, it steals energy, it returns fire, and MOPS the FLOOR with its opponents.  Absent are super shieldy moves, it works to control Turn 1, punishing the opponent with energy steal or card draw if hit by beastly buggy moves.  Quite possible to get two rounds of returned melee fire by Indian Star, if this axie is able to get in a heal. Ouch. 

I’m excited to bring you this Axie, originally sourced by me while playing in the Arena. Tracking the owner trail of this Pedigree Plant was a real treat. And nearly brand new Axie trainer, Owner wowhellohi, aka wowdogefi, impressed me with his ability to snag this for 0.19!  Read on past the video see how Jedi Master Indes played a role in brokering this deal.

Enjoy this video of the abuse inflicted on deftylefty.


Let me include a conversation with the owner Axie Trainer wowhellohi and his mentor Indes about this challenging tank yak.

Indes | I run one with a similar set up, serious/cattail is a super strong combo
The rose bud + energy control forces the opponent to either play on low energy or be stolen from
Cattail punishes offenses, serious punishes passes
Definitely worth writing up

drsouthpaw aka DeftyLefty: @Chaz sold the tank to @wowdogefi… can’t find the current owner, anyone know them?
@Indes | nice one! Thanks for the feedback
Which do you think is better, yours or the one i posted?(edited)
I got damaged by the reflect on his shell

Indes | I actually recommended the tank you faced to @wowhellohi, after having used the one with pumpkin
I think it depends on the team set up, but generally my go to is pumpkin

Owner Segment! wowhellohi:
@Indes | @drsouthpaw aka DeftyLefty yeah i originally wanted this one:, since it had pumpkin instead of indian star, and it has max health, but i was not yet sure if i wanted to spend .37 (almost twice the price) for it (it’s still worth it anyway imo, i think). but someone already bought it yesterday lol. the only one left in the market similar to that costs .49 eth

hmm it’s working out well. bulkwark obv when there’s a lot of melees hahai mean the price (0.19 eth) was a huge bargain imo

are you new?


yeah just started last month
he was the one that picked my starting axies too

you went big man

lol yeah it’s great. i live in a third world country and this game really helps a lot

most of the Axie Arena owners are long time people with big stables


what country are you from?


cool man

yeah there’s tons of filipino players here
some of them treat axie infinity as their full time job haha
because with the amount of slp we filipinos can grind here, it can be above the median salary

shit man more power to you

(assuming slp price stays high of course)

so was this a big investment for you?
to buy this axie?

nah i started with like 0.25 eth i made much more than 1 eth now i think (that’s after reinvesting into new axies using the slp i grinded since then)
i can grind up to 1k slp+ a day sometimes

so this is for fun or serious income?

both lol because making serious income is fun haha

so you bought this axie as a reinvestment?
you were playing earning eth

yeah from selling the slps

I thought you showed up and BAM bought this expensive axie

no haha

are your SLP earning supporting you financially?
or just a side hustle

it’s additional money, i mean i do have a stable job.
it just so happened that we don’t get to go to the office regularly now (Because of the pandemic) so i have more free time to play
alright i’ll tell how bulkwark works haha (imo the thing i dislike the most about it is how it’s now animated literally each time it’s triggered, taking away from the slp grinding time lol)
lol yeah i mean the animation looks cool, but when you see it like up to 12 hours a day it’s like uhhh


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